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Merino Care

Merino care

washing and stains………….

Have you stayed away from merino because you were worried about how you were going to care for it??

I’m here to tell you it’s easy and not scary at all!

We do recommend wool safe detergents…. The chances are you will use these anyway having a little person and wanting the best products on their skin.

I’m a busy mum so I literally throw my sons merinos in the top loader with the rest of his clothes and it comes out just fine. It’s fantastic and I often find it dries quicker than most other fabrics on the line.

Here at monster merinos we know kids are messy and bound to get some stains there outfits at some point!! its inevitable… so for those tricky stains I can recommend a white vinegar approach I can’t guarantee you’ll get the tomato sauce out or the crayons from the day at kindy, however it will lift a lot and then pop in wash.

We have a fantastic product tried and tested on my own son who is forever outdoors. Which means a lot of mud and dirt, they have been put to the test. Prefect for those hard on clothes kids.

On those days when washing is all a bit too much and your children didn’t get the top absolutely filthy just hang it out to air – merino is naturally odour resistant which means they can wear it longer without those unpleasant smells lingering.  

We hope this has been useful for you.

Monster M Team.

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